This tree in our Hyderabad campus (on your right on the Godrej Avenue, just as you enter the campus) has always captured my attention. Each year it sheds its leaves around the first week of April just when the students graduate. Almost a week later it starts sporting new leaves, again to welcome the new class who come in each year. Nature and its small treats!

View from up above the sky… the #Mohali campus of the #ISB.

Up above the sky so high… @ISBedu (at ISB | Mohali Campus)

Just another evening on campus…

Just another day in Mohali. #colourful

Peacocks crossing. Please drive slowly. #nokidding (at Indian School of Business)

On ISB Day today (Dec 2), renewing our commitment to build a world class institution in India, and, to the values that guide us - Passion for Excellence; Openness; Caring; Collaborating; Initiative and Innovation. (at ISB | Mohali Campus)

Some early morning private moment for these two winged friends before the mad rush of the tourists begin.

Rainbow from the Lighthouse! #Goa

Like the skyline behind it, this flower also is tall, wild and dense. #Mumbai

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